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IPL News

  1. Grand Island Welcome Center
    Grand Island Welcome Center
    IPL has been awarded the New York State Welcome Center. Opening Fall 2018
  2. Buffalo State Alumni Visitor's Center
    Buffalo State Alumni Visitor's Center
    IPL is constructing the Buffalo State Alumni Visitor's Center. Opening Fall 2018
  3. Push 77
    Push 77
    IPL is renovating School 77 into a Multi-use building and senior apartments. Opening Spring 2018
  4. Lackawanna CSD
    Lackawanna CSD
    IPL has been awarded a renovation contract for Lackawanna High School and Truman Elementary. Completion in 2019.
  5. SUNY Geneseo
    SUNY Geneseo
    IPL is renovating the SUNY Geneseo Red Jacket Dining Hall. Opening Fall 2018

Check back, as IPL is #BuildingBuffalo